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Open a new tab for added links

When we add a link to any answer or a user asks a question adding a link, our site should open a new page instead of launching the link on the same page.
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No URL link option for inserting images in posts?

I recently noticed that there is no longer an option for inserting an image in a post via a URL with the image tool where previously it was available. Now the only insert an image from desktop. Is ...
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Why links to other SE questions appear to have been removed when question migrated?

My question has just been migrated to GIS SE, but the links to some relevant questions (on SO) seem to have been removed automatically. Is this the common procedure when it comes to links (on all SE ...
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Dealing with links to documents

I was reading Extracting tree crown areas from remote sensing data (visual images and LiDAR) with interest and saw a comment made by @Aaron about links to documents breaking and how answers should be ...
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Old links to ESRI knowledge base articles are dead

I just corrected broken links in a post that linked to the ESRI knowledge base. Looks like ESRI updated them at some point, changing this:
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