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What if we receive offer to pay?

Usually, I receive responses to my post like "hey your answer does not work", or "thank you, but..." and it seems natural (as it is serious business for OPs). Just recently I received a generous ...
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1 answer

'Track the next one' button is hard to read for privileges on GIS SE?

Whenever you reach a certain reputation level corresponding to a new privilege, the system will tell you about it on your profile page: The 'Track the next one' button is hard to read because it's in ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Policy for users reporting their employment status at commercial software companies?

What is the policy on GIS SE for employees of software companies to add this information to their profiles? I believe users should add to their profile that they are an employee of a commercial ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Removing personal email addresses from questions?

This answer (before it was deleted by the votes of six non-moderators) included the user's personal email address. To me this seems to work against GIS SE because if the questioner decides to act ...
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16 votes
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Are we going to get the shiny new profile pages as on Stack Overflow and some other sites

I don't know how things work at Stack Exchange central, some of the sites look like they only differ in terms of CSS, but some of the Stack Exchange sites, Stack Overflow, Database Admin and Spanish ...
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1 answer

Flag weight in profile page

Some users have a flag weight in their profile and others don't. How is it calculated and what does it mean? I could not find anything searching meta.
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