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Is asking for textbook recommendations on-topic?

Recently I asked this question: Why accurate area of all countries cannot be obtained using a single EPSG code, even if it corresponds to an equal-area projection? It was pointed out in the comments ...
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Product recommendation / map request on-topic?

I'm looking for a beautifully drawn wall map of all of Europe (from Portugal until all the way where the Urals meet the Arctic Ocean, possibly including the islands in the Arctic Ocean associated with ...
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Is question about finding API to get UK postcode for city on-topic at GIS SE?

I am looking for a simple, reliable and free (gratis) API which will return the corresponding UK street name for a UK postcode (preferably with no registration or key required) and am wondering where ...
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Are software recommendations good candidates for being wiki locked?

When searching on Google for Android and GIS, one of the very first hits is the following page on Seeking Mobile GIS applications for Android Tablets? The question is wiki locked, so no more ...
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3 votes
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Tagging questions related to education and learning (that often relate to research and career)?

We currently have the following tags (and their wiki entries) related to education, learning, research and career, and there may be more (feel free to edit and add). Often several of them occur on ...
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Should questions asking for product, service, data and learning (course, book, website) recommendations be explicitly off-topic?

Many questions that ask explicitly for software, hardware, data, and other recommendations are closed at GIS Stack Exchange as being primarily opinion-based and/or for lacking focus. Examples of such ...
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How should we handle "free" cloud software recommendations?

Based on the voting results for this question, Should cloud software be permitted in the "free software" question?, recommendations for cloud software should not be allowed in that question. ...
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