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At what point, if ever, is an edit 'trivial' enough to warrant rejection?

Being new to the Suggested Edits Reviewer role, I've only done a few. I've approved some that were simple grammar and spelling corrections, but they were so extensive they definitely seemed ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is there a limit to the number of times a question is eligible to vote on to reopen after it has been edited?

I'm asking this question because when I have voted on a reopen request on a question that I subsequently voted to remain close, because of insufficient changes to the original question. So does that ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Why is " Very Low Quality" on this question declined?

I just noticed that my flag for low quality question to this answer to GDAL & Python 3 environment variable is declined, and reviewed it as prompted. But why is it declined? There is another ...
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5 votes
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Irrelevant edits to specific close reason in questions with 'on hold' status?

After a question is put 'on hold', the first time it is edited (if within 5 first days after closure), it is automatically sent to the reopen review queue (see How do you reopen a closed question? and ...
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What should we do when we have a serial answerer to promote a product?

We have a new user and he answered some question (eight, almost the same, answers in one hour) to promote his product (Example). He added a disclaimer to the answers after a while. But it is very ...
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