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Finding previous answers to questions

How do I find previous answers to questions? For example, when I need a snapping tutorial on QGIS 3.34.
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Filter questions by "has answer"?

Today I was searching through tags related to rasterization and wanted to filter by questions that have an answer. I couldn't find an easy way to do this. See the screenshot below: On the left you ...
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How to search for ALL questions concerning ArcGIS, QGIS or others?

The question How to easy search (using tags) - using * ? has already shown a way how to use asterisks (*) with tags for better search. But assuming an example of "Is there a way how to search for ...
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How to easy search (using tags) - using *?

Is there a way how to search for ideally all questions concerning e.g. ArcGIS when they do not have a tag [arcgis-desktop] easier then manually listing all tags like tags with different versions of ...
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Is there a search operator to find questions asked by active users?

It's possible to search for older, personally relevant, unanswered questions (or without accepted answers): intags:mine hasaccepted:0 created:..6m However, I'd like to exclude questions where the OP ...
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Cannot find duplicate using search in flagging dialog?

I came across a question (QGIS algorithm parameter: ParameterString, question 1) which might be a duplicate of another one (QGIS Processing - Additional Creation Parameter for GdalWarp, question 2). I ...
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Could GIS Stack Exchange add new question option on menu?

Could GIS Stack Exchange add an option to see the "newest" questions on the menu? This way a person can click on that option to focus on new questions.
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