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For questions which refer to (connect, compare, associate) GIS SE and Stack Overflow SE.

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What does Stack Overflow Documentation mean to GIS Stack Exchange?

You have probably noticed in the sidebar that Stack Overflow is Introducing Documentation. From a comment by @animuson on Allow Documentation in other Stack Exchange communities it seems: If/when ...
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Where is the line between Python and GIS?

Related to When are field calculator scripting questions on topic? and various comments on that Meta question (and many Main questions since) I think it is clear that we do not have consensus on where ...
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Where do questions about QGIS plugin development belong?

Do questions relating to the development of QGIS plugins (interaction with the API, c++ and python, PyQT, other python modules, etc) belong on GIS SE or Stack Overflow?
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Migrating GIS questions from Stack Overflow?

I've noticed there are some good GIS posts over at SO that would be worth moving into I don't personally have enough rep to do so, but I wondered if it's possible to flag candidates when I see ...
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