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What to do when a question has been asked before but the accepted answer does not contain the answer to the question [duplicate]

For example, I have the exact same question as asked as the main question in See all my questions across all Stack Exchange sites? (This question also asks for alternatives as a second question which ...
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1 answer

Why not answering questions?

I bumped into this situation a lot: There is a question, an easy one usually. Some very advanced members of the site give the anwser but in the comment section. The OP say thank you and never come ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Finding questions which are answered in comments?

It is a common problem in Stack Exchange when users use comments to write answers instead of posting them as actual answers in the answer box. Sometimes, the motive for doing so is legit, but it is ...
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Reaching 80,000 answered questions before questions on our site reaches 100,000?

In the spirit of Improving on 19,000 unanswered questions? and with our number of questions now over 93,000 I am wondering whether we would like to set ourselves a challenge of having 80% of our ...
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Adding an answer to closed question, though question may be obsolete

I've nominated this question for reopening Cannot remove blue "nested" grid/rectangles in QGIS canvas? I've found the cause, or at least what caused this blue quadtree, yet since then the ...
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4 answers

Can we enforce the "Answers in Answer section" rule more?

I've noticed a few questions since I joined this SE page that have answers or partial answers in the comment section, rather than as actual answers, not sure what we can do about this other than ...
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9 answers

Improving on 36,000 unanswered questions

We currently have just over 36,000 unanswered questions. After reviewing about 500 of them a while ago, in a totally unsystematic manner, I concluded that <2% are truly reasonable questions ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Options when question is duplicate of one with no/inadequate/old answers?

I have a question that has already been asked (Understanding min and max values with Mosaic to New Raster?), but it does not yet have an answer. Is there a way to revive or draw attention to this ...
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Are kriging questions getting enough attention?

Personally, I am very unlikely to attempt to answer or judge a question tagged kriging because I do not have those skills and interests, but I have noticed that many of them are going unanswered. I ...
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3 answers

Too many questions left unanswered when answer inside comments? [duplicate]

I am finding the amount of questions left in "unanswered" state increase because the original poster had found the answer in the comments portion of their question and abandoned the question. What ...
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16 votes
6 answers

Answering questions with a comment?

More and more I keep seeing folk post what I would think of as 'answers' as comments on the original question. Copying attributes from one polygon layer to another? is one example - but I have seen ...
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