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For questions about the user interface elements (inputs, checkboxes, etc) that make up this site. For questions about the design of elements, use the 'design' tag.

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Adding 'bug reports' to off-topic close reasons dialog?

This is mainly about bug reports, but not only about them. We already discussed in What should we do with bug reports? and decided to close these as off-topic. This is also linked in our help center ...
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Change the design of the "Ask Question" button

The Ask Question button of GIS StackExchange is hard to find compared to StackOverflow (see graphic borrowed from @Mapperz below) I propose: Moving the button to the right like on StackOverflow; and/...
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Where is the logout option in Stack Exchange?

How do I logout from an account? I don't see the logout option and I can't figure how I enter the site, because when I visit the page (in Chrome) the login is made automatically.
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GIS SE home page, is the beta jobs link crowding the earlier tabs a known issue?

I just noticed that the questions tab is overflowing on to the GIS home page title due to the addition of the new jobs key. I don't know if it is a glitch SE is already working on or if we need to ...
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No URL link option for inserting images in posts?

I recently noticed that there is no longer an option for inserting an image in a post via a URL with the image tool where previously it was available. Now the only insert an image from desktop. Is ...
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Making unicorn disappear for good?

The unicorn and the starry mouse pointer are a bit funny at first, but soon become a nuisance. Can they be switched off for good?
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Could GIS Stack Exchange add new question option on menu?

Could GIS Stack Exchange add an option to see the "newest" questions on the menu? This way a person can click on that option to focus on new questions.
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Provide link to question/answer in Suggested Edits reviews

Should we provide a link to the OP in Suggested Edits reviews as in other types of reviews? I saw reviews where an edit from another user seems to be improving the post. But adding significantly more ...
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What ever happened to the migration to DBA.SE option?

Some of these questions are clearly a much better fit for Database Administrators why did we lose that migration option? I could have sworn it used to be there? Get dynamically value of a column ...
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Move the "Chat" feature link to better real estate [duplicate]

Currently, the Chat feature link is hidden at the bottom of the page, leaving only experienced GIS users to find it. The result is two fold: People (mostly new users) are posting chat-worthy ...
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Branding our site as Geographic Information Systems or GIS?

As you will see from the URL and banner at the top of this site, and in the picture below which uses our updated site theme, we mix its branding as Geographic Information Systems and GIS. This is ...
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Enabling fixed position for topbar on GIS Stack Exchange?

I'm not sure if anyone outside of the main office of Stack Exchange can really answer or provide feedback to this inquiry, but has anyone ever noticed that the topbar (where the StackExchange drop ...
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