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What is the policy for users reporting their employment status at commercial software companies?

What is the policy on GIS.SE for employees of commercial software companies to add this information to their profiles?

There is a person who I know works for ESRI on this forum that is constantly responding to questions on FOSS4G tools (ie. Non-ESRI) in an often aggressive and non-productive way.

I would refer to this type of user as a 'troll'.

Moderators on this board know exactly who I'm talking about, as I often will call this user out on their comments.

I believe this user should add to their profile that they are an employee of ESRI, and I am wondering if there is a formal policy to do so.

The reason I think this should be done, especially for this user, is that this forum is often the only place to get help on FOSS4G applications. To have this 'mystery' user slamming their comments in the way I have described above is detrimental to the community as well as the users ability gain information about the correct use of their software tools.

The fact that this user sits at a desk being paid by a large commercial software company while they make these comments is very troubling to me.