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10 votes

Answer gets accepted but does not answer revised question

This is a case where an edit to their question has stranded your answer to their original question. The same edit has included an answer in the area reserved for questions. The solution to both ...
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7 votes

Unpinning accepted answer from top of list of answers on GIS SE

Yes, please unpin the accepted answer. The answer accepted by the original poster is not always the best answer according to other users. Unpinning will result in the answer that the majority believe ...
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3 votes

Would it be useful to force accept answers?

Just thought about this today. So many questions with great answers, which are not accepted. I am a bit sad this idea is declined. We have voting for closing questions. Why not to have moderators in ...
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2 votes

What should be done when an answer has become obsolete?

On Meta Stack Exchange there is a feature request that I made which I think would help in this situation: Keeping special status for Accepted Answers without sticking them to top forever? It proposes ...
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