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Here's my personal opinion of what should be done (or shouldn't be) based on your 4 options. Don't add as a comment, treat comments as temporary Adding your solution to an answer can be acceptable, I have seen it done both here and Stack Overflow. Typically as a horizontal line and then additional content rather than modifying the answer to change what the ...


In addition to the HNQ prominence, I think people (myself included) tend to hit the "this answer is useful" selfishly rather than altruistically. It would be appropriate to click that up arrow anytime one feels, as an impartial reviewer, that the answer is well-written and answers the question posed well. But we're more likely to do so if we ...


In general, I agree with @Midavalo's answer and prefer that option too. It is the way I personally would do it (and already have done so in the past). However, in this particular case I have just added further explanations on the runtime and settings including an example as well to my answer. Therefore also removed my comments. So in this particular case, ...


I have now posted my feedback as a separate answer, as this seems to be the prefered way to do it:

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