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These are system-wide requirements developed for SO and applied without modification to all other StackExchange sites. All badges will become possible (indeed, plentiful) when one or both of two things happen: The active community grows. People vote more generously on answers and questions. Please: vote early and often, every day.


Badges are an SE-wide feature. Although it is no longer possible for anyone here on GIS to earn a Precognitive or Beta badge, it continues to be possible to earn them on emerging sites. Therefore they cannot be retired.


It is possible, but difficult, to propose new badges, and I think that they can only be proposed network-wide rather than site-specific. The process is described at What makes a good badge? When and why should I suggest a new badge?


Related question on Meta Stack Exchange: What is the official etiquette on answering a question twice? There are several duplicates there. The mainstream seems to be advising posting different answers when they are (completely) different from one another. In this case Lance Robert argues the following: different approaches will be voted separately, and, ...


As per the Research Assistant badge requirements, is it possible that you have only been editing tag wiki excerpts and not the body of those tag wikis? I just checked a couple of your tag wiki edits and they look like they were excerpt only.


This question has been asked over on Meta SE as Can I find out which tags I have created? and it has status-declined where, among others, Jeff Atwood answered: It is unlikely we will do this (that is, show who created a tag) due to the Taxonomist badge gaming concerns outlined above.. and over and over and over in about fifty other posts on meta. ...


There is a very similar Q&A at Meta Stack Exchange that should provide the answer to this. The accepted answer to How can I get the "cleanup" badge says: A rollback involves using a command that is called "Rollback". It shows up when a post that you have edited has the most recent revision by another user. Rolling back will return the ...

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