Yes I think geospatial is for all intents and purposes a synonym of GIS and thus any case for blacklisting the gis tag should apply equally to geospatial. gis was blacklisted long ago so I think blacklisting of geospatial is long overdue.


As per my answers on the code tag and the programming tag, I feel that both scripting and automation are redundant. Any question relating to scripting should have the scripting language tag associated with it. I vote to burninate both of them.


I am a relatively inexperienced user but I tend to agree that it should be burninated. I can't think of a scenario where a qgis tag would be needed on GIS Meta, and having looked through the other tags it is clearly out of place, and doesn't fit. The only other software related tag is Firefox with a specific tag wiki explaining that it is to do with ...


I've started to create these when I see the same errors being asked about repeatedly. If a specific error message is only present in a small number < 10 I would not consider creating. However, there are some that are getting up into the 50+ range, and with so many new users coming on board I see them as being likely to get into the "few hundred over ...


Don't use ambigus term. Person who search api know a name of api. For me the api alone term don't make sense because it's always used in the second term. I think these examples are the good practice: dev. language with non specific api: vb6-api Arcgis software with non specific api: arcgis-api Arcgis software with Silverlight api: arcgis-silverlight-api ...


I agree that this tag has no to little use and thus should not be used. Perhaps when A real solution to ambiguous tags is implemented that could be a solution that enables it to become more useful as a "gateway" tag.

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