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When voting to close I assess each question on its merits but I also try to place it within the context of its Q&A as presented at that time. I may or may not vote to close a self-answered question like the one you describe depending on its actual content but: it sounds like one that I would not vote to close even if I or others did, being closed only ...


Personally, I very rarely visit the front page of GIS SE and instead I use browser favorites to go to sets of questions like its Newest. However, every time a question is listed there or anywhere, irrespective of its age, represents an opportunity to raise its profile (by upvoting), improve it (by editing) or to nudge it towards removal from the site (by ...


Question reopened by @Mapperz per comment: Not sure why 4 users deemed it a duplicate, different data, have re-opened.


I would not consider this to be a formal GIS SE policy because the site operates mostly on guidelines. However, the only answer to Policy: Is it OK to have dedicated foreign-language chat rooms? suggests that it is fine to set up a chat room that is dedicated to a language other than English. I think you should feel free to try doing what you suggest and ...

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