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Adding image in comment section of Stack Exchange sites?

Comments do not support the insertion of images. To do that you need to be editing your question (via Ask Question or using the edit button beneath an existing question). Its the same as for an ...
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No URL link option for inserting images in posts?

The new feature is a consequence of SE responsive design efforts. See Editor improvements for images and links from Meta Stack Exchange: Adding a link and image in your post is no longer done via ...
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3 votes

Using images within comments?

You can paste the image first in the editor of an answer, then copy the link before saving the answer, discard the answer and insert the link to the image in the comment.
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No URL link option for inserting images in posts?

It's still possible, but hidden. @JoeFriend's answer to Can't upload image from URL anymore: We no longer have an explicit entry point for this, but you can paste an image link when the uploader ...
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