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Still here just now in the top bar. and if it ever disappears from there a fallback is to look for it at The only announcement of this change seems to have been made on Meta of StackOverflow.


The announcement was made on the Stack Exchange blog: A New Top Bar for Stack Exchange The top bar of a Stack Exchange site has always been a bit of an odd place. It somehow combines user info, navigation, search, and a one-size-fits-all popup that includes hot network questions, a list of 100+ Stack Exchange sites, ...


It's also at the bottom of the help menu.


Having just been through a number of Close Votes where the subject was definitely on-topic I also agree with the no longer relevant suggestion. The questions were not off-topic according to the purpose of this site, they were merely old or an answer had been discovered by the Original Poster (OP). So, pedantically, I didn't feel I could vote to close the ...


I agree with the intent of this new custom Close reason being made available for Meta questions but I do not think that it needs to be implemented because we can already propose closure using the Other category saying: This question is about something which is no longer relevant because [give reason].


I suggest that if a question in GIS Meta is on-topic, unanswered and it is believed to be "not relevant anymore", then there should be an answer explaining why. That would be likable to avoid discussions about why a post was marked "not relevant anymore" in cases the reason is not so clear (and people could vote in the answer agreeing with it, or not). And ...

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