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Earth Science Stack Exchange has (at the time of writing) 156 geography questions, so your question might fit there (or already be asked). The topic isn't listed in the site's Help Center, but it seems the community is OK with them.


Yes, you have more power since you're a trusted user. This means you can vote to delete answers with a score of -1* or lower, and three of those votes actually delete the post. Enough Recommend Deletion reviews will eventually delete the post as well, but six of those are needed (your Delete review counts towards those six as well). For more information, you ...


As of November 5, this is now fixed. I work on Earth Engine, and I've filed a bug report with this information. Thanks for noticing! (Some backstory: when we first decided to recommend Stack Exchange as a place to ask questions, the few user questions that existed were fairly evenly split across GIS and SO, and it wasn't as clear that GIS would be the best ...

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