Syntax highlighting for tags can be specified by Navigating to the tags page Searching for a tag, hovering over it with the mouse to raise a pop-up, and selecting "info". Choosing an appropriate code (such as "lang-py") from the "Code Language" prompt. Only moderators can make such changes, so I have just made them for all the "py"-related tags that are ...


I've added it for you. We are keen to track down any missing instances of needed syntax highlighting as you can see at Any coding tags missing code language setting for syntax highlighting?


The kml tag now has XML syntax highlighting applied:


List of tags with syntax highlighting applied (after the question was posted): Bash: bash C: c CSS: css C++: c++ default: gdal, json, geojson, topojson (these do not have a more specific language syntax highlighting option available) HTML: html5 JavaScript: leaflet, arcgis-javascript-api-2, arcgis-javascript-api-3, arcgis-javascript-api-4, google-earth-...


I think this is a hard call. Unless the edit queue needs to be invoked, I think anything that makes a question easier to read warrants an edit. When the edit queue is required, then I think an edit should be just a little more substantial than the one in your picture. As much as possible our Q&As are intended to be timeless, so I don't think their ...

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