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Something I think we need to be cautious about is opening the door to "absolutely any question related to Surveying, etc". Perhaps we can model our answer on the Cross Validated Tour which I have modified here to try and suit our purposes and emphasize that our "core business" is GIS but that we are happy to see questions from other spatial disciplines. ...


Here is my proposal : adding "surveying" to the list. There are only a few tags with surveying, but IF we consider that surveyors also use GNSS, then it is more popular than remote sensing on GIS.SE. Geographic Information Systems is a question and answer site for people interested in GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Geodesy, Surveying, Spatial ...


The Tour is now updated Thanks for the feedback and improving the GIS-SE site content


I think that question is okay for the tour, but here are a few "quintessential GIS" candidates I'd suggest that meet the criteria: What are the benefits of Multipart Features? (particularly Sean's answer for its brevity) Why do valid polygons repeat the same start and end point? What strategies, criteria, or rules to use for selecting coordinate systems?


The Tour has very limited real estate for us to modify - it is only the words above "We're a little bit different from other sites. Here's how:" that can be changed. Instead of trying to include reference to coding style guides there, I think the best place to do that is in the Meta GIS Q&A about Writing code snippets to get quicker answers? As a ...


I prefer seeing brief questions in a Tour, even one that is realistically too brief for the standards usually set here. It's supposed to teach site functionality, not "how to ask." Too much text in the example, and it may distract down the reader -- and given how quick an overview of StackExchange style it's intended to be, the brevity is intentional. (I ...


I think we overuse the "too broad"/>1 question closure reason (actually I came to meta to open a new discussion on that, but found that this germane question was near the top of the active list!). It is, of course, true that questions which are too broad are not suited to the SE format. And a laundry list of multiple questions which require ...


I can't find a place where it explicity states "one question per question" (in an official capacity, though we do have Framing (asking) good Questions for GIS Stack Exchange? linked from the help), but I have understood that to mean/be a response to questions that give all of their problems at once. In effect, the question is too broad. One good example I ...


I don't recall when this happened, but the FAQ has been replaced with a much-improved Help Center.

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