I'm Fine. I'm a Work-a-holic too :)

When I do not work, I either sleep, eat, chills or takes a walk in the dark deep forests (In the night, with sunglasses - class IV).

Today, at the time of writing this, the date is Mittwoch 12th October 2011 - And according to RunStar Beta - I have walked 47.5km.

I also used to edit OpenStreetMap - I'm still collecting trails every time I'm out for a walk or a bike ride (As I never know where I might end up), But I have not uploaded them for a while

That is because of two things:

  1. There is no good map editor that does not require Flash
  2. There is a bug in their login-system that lets users have different accounts with different capitalization…

They fixed the bug where an user that have the name ‘knarf’ can login and end up as me, ‘knarF’… I would say that it all is just stupid - how is one supposed to tell the differ?

I guess that maybe tells that I can't think in front of my monitor, I must take a break away from the noisy civilization in order to be able to concentrate - to soft music of death metal or something else with good tunes (Like classical music, I quite much like “In the mountainkings hall” and the first part of “für elize”).

You might want to check out My (soon to be at least) Ego-Hub, where I (plan to) place Ego-related stuffs (Uhm, Ego in a such sense the I made it).

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