Current Job
I work for a government transport agency within Australia. My primary responsibility is providing access to data for our internal and external customers. This takes places primarily in the form of interactive web visualisations, especially for geo-spatial data (maps), but also includes a focus on the mobile space and open data for developers.

Primary workload is in HTML/Javascript on the Angular Framework. We use Grunt/NPM/Karma for our dev work, and Jenkins for our continuous integration.

There is a lot of work analysing, transforming and displaying geo-spatial data. I use FME Desktop and Server for data transformation and the Carto platform to render data. We use Carto.js extensively in our front end applications. Carto is built upon postgres so I have a fair amount of experience with the postgres database.

PHP/Java/Node.js backend where necessary

Future Work
Currently investigating PWA to deliver a better mobile experience for our customers.

Apart from video games I spend a lot of my time bouldering at my local gym.

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