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What are the downsides of not deleting our own comments?

From Meta Stack Exchange, How do comments work?: ... . Comments are often used to ask for clarification on, suggest corrections to, and provide meta-information about posts. ... . Usually, users ...
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What does shading of user's icon indicate?

Just been bumbling around on GIS SE and I noticed that some users have a shaded affect around their image next to their user name, whilst others do not, what does this shading indicated? I'm not ...
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4 votes
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Is it possible to accelerate the update of users's tab on GIS Meta

Let's take as an example the tab voters filtered per week. There are zero voters this week and surely this is not true. This way it looks nobody is participating and might cause a bad impression. ...
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Map of user locations?

Maybe this has been brought up before and I'm not finding it, but is it just me, or is almost crazy for this site (or dare I say all SE sites) to not have some sort of map of user locations? Not one ...
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