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How to "reask" questions that might have more modern solutions? [duplicate]

I just came across this Q&A originating 2015, that asks and answers exactly what I want to know, yet the answers are (maybe?!) fairly outdated, being from 2016 to 2018. In this example, with QGIS ...
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Getting underlying thought of someone who has put bounty on old question

This is a current example, someone has placed a bounty on an old question: Does QGIS work with Anaconda? That's all fine, but how can you guess that person's current problem if he or she can't change/...
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User that has < 100 reputation has posted a question with a Bounty of 100, how is that possible?

I came across this featured question How are unsaved/temporary edits stored during versioned editing? I was curious as to how that was allowed to occur? I haven't seen that type of situation prior to ...
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Is multi-part question (with open bounty) too broad?

I'm wondering if the question Serving 3D Via WFS is too broad. In fact, the user admits that it is in the question and there are three separate questions in the question. What is/are the ...
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If no answers are offered in a bounty, automatic message should not be "you must award answer"

I posted a bounty on OSMDroid android app zoom in without changing tiles, is it possible? which, even after 1 week with bounty, received no answers (I have found a solution and will post it eventually)...
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Rewarding bounty after bounty finished when question posted before end of bounty?

I had a question for bounty and got last minute an answer. Now I finally found the time to prove this answer but can't anymore reward the correct answer?! Should be this time after the finish of the ...
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Bounty or new question?

It's been 4 years since I asked Applying version control to ArcGIS Models. The essence of my question for the main site is: has anything significant in the landscape changed since then? combined ...
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No points on answering own bounty question

So I guess there are no bounty points to self if you answer your own bounty question? getResultImageLayer is not working
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Undo bounty? Perhaps a bug on interface of accepted answer

Can I "undo" the bounty? I click "useful" because the answer was "goodwill", but I not click as "my accepted answer"... Now the system used it as "accepted for bounty", but it is wrong (!).
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Donating bounty

The main utility of the my reputation (aside from ego ;) seems to be that it can help get questions answered if I add bounty to them. I'd like to do so on deserving questions, but I don't have the ...
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Shouldn't bounty be returned if no answers suggested?

I offered a 50 point bounty to my question at Is ANZLIC Metadata supported using the new approach of ArcGIS 10.x? but still received no answers and the bounty seems to have been forfeited. In the ...
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Why is there a timelag to promote a question via a bounty?

If someone needs a question right away, I would assume putting a bounty on it will expedite the answer process.
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