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What ever happened to the migration to DBA.SE option?

Some of these questions are clearly a much better fit for Database Administrators why did we lose that migration option? I could have sworn it used to be there? Get dynamically value of a column ...
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Migrating questions about obtaining open spatial data from GIS to Open Data?

This is related to an earlier discussion about Are questions about obtaining geospatial data on topic? Recently two questions tagged data have been migrated to the Open Data Stack Exchange: https://...
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Why links to other SE questions appear to have been removed when question migrated?

My question has just been migrated to GIS SE, but the links to some relevant questions (on SO) seem to have been removed automatically. Is this the common procedure when it comes to links (on all SE ...
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Why doesn't off-topic section of question closure let you choose different site than

I was trying to close this question about Postgresql: Getting locked out of Postgresql databases. The question didn't have any GIS content, so I thought it should be migrated to the dba....
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How can I find deleted or migrated questions?

I voted to close a question (unable to find the link, something about accessing Oracle database tables from Python) that I initially thought was off-topic because there was no explicit GIS aspect ...
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Migrating GIS questions from Stack Overflow?

I've noticed there are some good GIS posts over at SO that would be worth moving into I don't personally have enough rep to do so, but I wondered if it's possible to flag candidates when I see ...
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